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Here I am -- just born -- and snuggling with my Bubbie

I was born January 12, 2004

I even liked to dance when I was a baby!

And I like to sing with my Mommy

My Daddy loves me very much

Here was my first swimming lesson!

I took a trip to Israel when I was a baby

I met a friend named Alex, and we had popsicles together

I like rock music, especially drums and guitars

I meet my friends Hunter, Kallie, and Jenna at Idlewild each year

My Daddy and I stayed on a farm when I was little. This was my friend the kitty!

Mommy made a memory pillow for a friend of ours

I love dressing up fancy with my Mommy!

I have a good friend SuperZora, and we play together a lot

I can run very fast!

Here I am with my sister Sadie

I went to Alaska on a big boat when I was little

Here I am with my friend Jenna

This is my very special friend Ori

My Daddy and I have a lot of fun together

I go to an exciting camp in New Hampshire every year. Here I am with some friends I met there.

Did you know that Pittsburgh is the real Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood?

This is me and my friend Romi

I was a speedboat for Halloween when I was 5

But my friends and I also dress up as other stuff just for fun

I had a cool sleepover party with these guys

We camped out in a tent together

Avi, Sadie, and I have fun together at Bounce U

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